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Northern Rockies Region Archives

The Fort Nelson Public Library is honouring the people, community history and cultural heritage of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality (formerly Fort Nelson and Alaska Highway Communities) by creating an archival collection. This collection consists of photographs, maps, written and oral histories, and mementos of days gone by.

The Fort Nelson Public Library – Northern Rockies Region Archives is proud to offer a collection of photographs, letters, and newsletters donated by Fort Nelson residents. These span from the 1930s on and showcase a wide variety of topics.

We have the Fort Nelson News from (1959-2019) in physical form that visitors may read in the library. We are also willing to scan and print any articles that may interest the patron, though there is a small fee for this.

There is also our Peace River & Northwest Collection. This contains historical books ranging on topics from the Peace River to the Northwest.

If you would like to participate in helping us preserve our diverse community past, please contact our Local History Librarian through email at or click here to access our Contact Us page!


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The Northern Rockies Region Archives collection is maintained in a web-based collection cataloguing system called eHive.

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Social Media

Check out our Northern Rockies Region Archives Facebook page to explore our archival collection, share your memories, photos, and mementos, and join in on discussions.

Please note: copyright information is provided in the ‘About’ section.

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Pages of Interest:

Marl Brown’s Spring Pelt – Article by Gerrie Young 

Archive Policy

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