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Code of Conduct

The Fort Nelson Public Library strives to provide a warm, welcoming, and safe environment for all library users. Respect the rights of others. Refrain from loud, disruptive, rude, or disorderly behaviour, which may result in disturbing other patrons and interfering with their use and enjoyment of the library. Use all collections, equipment, facilities, and furniture for their intended purposes. Covered beverages are permitted, except at the computer stations. Service animals are the only animals welcome in the library. Cell phones must be silenced.

We ask that everyone:

  • Be respectful of all library customers, staff, and volunteers
  • Be responsible for all children or adults in your care
  • Be careful and considerate of all library property
  • Follow the instructions of library employees, leave the library promptly at closing time and when requested to do so in an emergency

Examples of actions which may be considered unacceptable on library premises:

  • Threatening, abusive, harassing language, behaviour, or actions
  • Physical behaviour (running, jumping, pushing, etc.) that may result in harm to individuals or damage to library property
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances
  • Selling, using, or possessing alcohol or illegal substances
  • Loud, unnecessary noises resulting from talking, electronic devices, or other means of Vandalism to library property
  • Theft of library property

Failure to comply with the Library Code of Conduct can result in suspension of relevant library privileges, exclusion from library property, fine for repairs or replacement costs, or legal action.