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Collections Development Policy

The Collection Development Policy applies to all formats, including print, non-print, audio-visual and electronic materials. The Fort Nelson Public Library strives to carry a broad range of materials in various formats. The Collection Development Policy provides guidelines for obtaining and disposing of materials while following the British Columbia Library Association Statement on Intellectual Freedom.


  • The Fort Nelson Public Library material collection will represent an unbiased and diverse source of information.
  • The Fort Nelson Public Library will not exclude materials from its selection based on the fact that they may come into the possession of a child.
  • The Fort Nelson Public Library will not exclude material selection solely based on the author’s race, ancestry, citizenship, age, criminal record, sexual orientation, disability, political or religious views, or other discriminatory factors.
  • The Fort Nelson Public Library purchases digital packages through the BC Library Cooperative and does not control the content. Any content concerns relating to digital materials should be directed to the appropriate digital source.

Criteria for the Evaluation and Selection of Materials

Materials, whether donated or purchased, will be evaluated on the following standards. Items do not need to meet all of the criteria to be added to the collection.

  • Demand for the material
  • Suitability of material for the intended audience
  • Present and potential needs of the community
  • Relationship to the existing collection
  • Recommendations from reviews, critics, and the public
  • Reputation and/or significance of the author or subject generally and in relation to existing collections and other material on the subject
  • Budgetary and space considerations
  • Publication date and relevancy to current issues
  • Accuracy, authoritativeness, objectivity
  • Availability of materials at other libraries
  • Condition of donated items
  • The Fort Nelson Public Library does not normally purchase textbooks

Withdrawal of Materials

The policy surrounding the acquisition of materials also applies to the withdrawal of materials.

Materials may be withdrawn based on their condition, accuracy, and usage history.

The Fort Nelson Public Library recognizes that materials may be controversial and offer different viewpoints. The materials selected for the library’s collection will vary to suit the different needs of the community. Not all materials will be suitable for all patrons. The responsibility for the choice made by the patron lies with the patron.

Discretion to the type of material borrowed or used lies solely with the adult patron. Decisions on the items borrowed or used by children lie with the child’s parent or guardian.

Reconsideration of Material

Any patron requesting reconsideration must complete the Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form (see Appendix D).

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