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100 Books Before Kindergarten

100 Books Before Kindergarten

Our list of 100 books before Kindergarten brings together some of our favourite picture books. Charming characters, gorgeous artwork, fun stories, important concepts and classics in children’s literature are just some of the delights to be found here.

You can track the books as you read them and submit your completed list to receive a keepsake diploma and a letter for your child to present to their teacher on the first day of Kindergarten. When we read books with babies and toddlers, we expose them to:

  • a rich vocabulary
  • the mechanics of books (turning pages, reading from left to right)
  • beautiful illustration concepts such as letters, numbers and colours
  • Social awareness (sharing, being a good friend)
  • rhythm and rhymes
  • new experiences
  • a warm one-on-one activity during which they have our undivided attention

Visit us here at the library to pick up our list of 100 Books to Read Before Kindergarten, or print your own copy by following this link.