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Staff Picks

Our staff at Fort Nelson Public Library has curated a list of their favourite books from various genres that are perfect for readers of all ages. We hope this list will inspire you to continue reading and discover new books that you’ll love. Remember to check out our catalogue, as some titles may be available in different formats or languages. You can place a hold or check out a book today and start enjoying some fantastic reads. We wish you a happy reading experience!

Our Recommended Picks:

Danika Andrews

Danika is a passionate reader who finds joy in exploring the worlds of Romantic Fantasy, Historical Romance, and Young Adult Fiction genres. She has a particular interest in stories of romance, magic, and adventure. Danika enjoys reading a wide range of titles, from classic works to modern bestsellers. If you’re looking for new and exciting books to read, she recommends some of her favourite titles that showcase the best of these genres.

Shannon Chabot

Shannon’s taste in literature leans towards general fiction, although she sometimes enjoys a good thriller. The books that appeal to her the most are those that allow her to genuinely connect with the characters. She enjoys reading both series and stand-alone novels and finds that there’s nothing quite like curling up with a cup of coffee and a great book. If you’re curious, here are some of her all-time favorite reads:

Trisha Purdy

Trisha adores the fantasy genre and getting lost in the worlds between the pages. Romance is her real favourite, though, anything from real life, fantasy, and paranormal to werewolves and vampires. The steamier, the better for her. The nonfiction section has some great picks to choose from when she is looking for something to be inspired by in the kitchen or day-to-day life.

Julia Stidolph

Julia has a taste for a variety of genres. With preferences for strong female leads and interesting tales, she chooses a multitude of books depending on her mood. Stories that offer steamy love scenes; a fun mystery to solve; fantastical tales of werewolves, vampires, changelings, and other creatures; historical romantic fiction; and stories that scare and offer glimpses into the surreal. She often chooses series, since if she’s enjoyed a story, can there ever be enough in one book to satisfy her curiosity about the characters?

Katelyn Vandersteen

Katelyn enjoys fantasy in both young adult and adult. The weirder and more surreal the book, the better. Worlds that can take her out of our own and allow an escape. She also likes a gentle romance every now and again. Occasionally she dips into horror but almost always prefers the fantastical over real life.